Grease Gun Buyer’s Guide: How to choose the right product

n 2014, the German industry generated sales of around EUR 601.71 billion (source: Statistisches Bundesamt, VCI) in the fields of automotive engineering and mechanical engineering. To ensure that it continues to be lubricated in the future, many companies use the so-called grease presses to maintain high-quality machines, wheel bearings or other or other important vehicle parts with lubricating grease intact. Battery operated grease gun are characterized by a high degree of functionality and are also easy to operate. Without greasing, grease guns allow the greasing of important machine components.

But not only large companies have recognized the advantages of fat presses, but they are also increasingly used in the private sector. For example for the maintenance of bicycle joints or machines and devices in the local workshop.

In our fat press test 2016/2017 we looked at the different types once more and gave you a few knowledgeable information on the handy “grease syringes” compiled. You will also learn what to look for when buying.

What is a grease gun and how does it work?

A lubrication nipple, also known as a lubrication nipple, is basically a small neck, which can be used to press lubricant grease onto a bearing location using a grease gun. This process is also referred to as “smearing”.

Lubricating nipples are connected via a thread to an associated component, for example a plain bearing. This connection through the nipple makes possible a form-fitting application of the press.

Simply put, the grease gun is a tool for lubrication at various locations. These include, for example, engines, machines or other conveyors.

With the grease gun, lubricant such as grease or oil can be pressed exactly to a specific bearing location via a lubrication nipple. As a result, the functionality and longevity of wheel bearings, chains or vehicle joints can be maintained.

Usually, the grease gun consists of a solid metal housing in which a greasy cartridge is inserted. Depending on the model, the housing itself contains a slot for the compressed air tank or the battery, as well as a trigger lever.

In addition, there is a venting valve on the grease gun so that the excess pressure can be released.

Basically, all grease presses operate according to the principle of a pump: After the trigger has been actuated, a high pressure is generated in the cartridge. By means of this, the lubricant or grease is pressed through the hose attached, on which a lubricating device is mounted. The lubrication device ensures that the grease can be applied safely and precisely in the correct position. Greasy hands are therefore a thing of the past.

Basically, a distinction is made between lever and buttress presses with manual actuation and between presses operated electrically or by compressed air. In our fat press comparison, we distinguish between the following categories.

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